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There are 6 different continents in Victoria 2.

If a great power tries to influence another nation on another continent, their progress will be delayed by 50%.

Victoria 2 has the following continents:


Africa is in 1836 mostly empty

Africa is the continent with the most uncolonized land. Most of the countries in Africa are uncivilized. Only Oranje Oranje and Transvaal Transvaal are civilized in 1836. Sokoto Sokoto, Zulu Zulu, Morocco Morocco, Algeria Algeria, Tunis Tunis, Tripoli Tripoli, Egypt Egypt, Liberia Liberia, Madagascar Madagascar and Ethiopia Ethiopia are all independent uncivilized nations. Arabia can be formed by north African states.

United Kingdom United Kingdom, France France, Denmark Denmark, Spain Spain, Portugal Portugal, the Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire and the Netherlands Netherlands have small colonies in Africa and on the surrounding islands. From approximately 1870 when machine guns are researched Britain and France will start to colonize, filling up all of Africa in a few decades.


A picture of central Asia in 1836

Asia is a continent full of uncivilized nations. There is not a single westernized independent nation in Asia. Philippines will be a civilized nation if they are released from Spain.

The most powerful and notable nations in Asia is China China, Japan Japan, Panjab Panjab and Persia Persia. But several other nations will do fine if westernized properly. Asia is also dominated by several european nations. United Kingdom has control over India, and The Netherlands and Spain have a fair share of South-East Asia. A large part of Russia Russia and The Ottoman Empire is located in Asia.

There are several provinces open for colonization. Mainly south and north of Russia, in South East Asia and in Polynesia.


A picture of southern and central europe in 1836

Europe is, in 1836, the most powerful continent in Victoria 2 and a focal point of the game. It will likely experience the most wars. It holds 7 of the 8 initial great powers and several secondary powers. United Kingdom, France, Prussia Prussia, Russia, Austria Austria, The Ottoman Empire, Netherlands and Spain all have their capital in Europe.

Major wars that will often occur on European soil include The Austrian-German Brothers' War and The Franco-Prussian War. It will almost certainly be the epicentre of any Great War.

North America[edit]

North America in 1836

North America starts off in 1836 with the independent countries of the USA USA, Mexico Mexico, Texas Texas, Hawaii Hawaii and the United States of Central America United States of Central America. Russia, Spain and The United Kingdom hold colonies in the North American region as well in Canada, the Caribbean and Alaska. Cuba Cuba, Canada Canada, Deseret Deseret, Californian Republic Californian Republic, Costa Rica Costa Rica, CSA, Cherokee Cherokee, Manhattan Commune Manhattan Commune and Newfoundland Newfoundland are releasable nations, while the Confederate States of America Confederate States of America will form via the Civil War event chains.

The typical wars in North America are the Texan Independence War, The American-Mexican War and the American Civil War. Due to the American Civil War, the CSA is independent from the "A House Divided" bookmark in 1861.

Every nation in North America gets a 10% bonus to Immigrant Attraction, resulting in population booms in most of these countries.

South America[edit]

How South America look like in 1836

South America is a continent south of North America. The countries in South America are Brazil Brazil, Argentina Argentina, Template:Colombia, Peru Peru, Chile Chile, Ecuador Ecuador, Venezuela Venezuela, Bolivia Bolivia, Paraguay Paraguay and Uruguay Uruguay. United Kingdom, Netherlands and France has colonies on the continent. Brazil starts as a secondary power and is the continents most powerful nation.

All the countries with its capital on south america share many of the same problems and difficulties. Lack of population, low literacy and behind in tech.

Many countries has cores on the same land, which results in many wars. Especially Brazil seems to be militaristic. Every country in South America receives a 10% bonus to immigrant attraction, which is very needed for players in South America.


Almost the entire Oceania is controlled by UK

Oceania is the only continent in the game, where there isn't a single independent nation. Great Britain controls most of it, as they have Australia Australia and New Zealand New Zealand under their control. The continent has a lot of islands and one can find numerous uninhabited islands and uncolonized land. This is the least populated part of the world and has numerous disadvantages.