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There are three types of building in Victoria 2. Naval bases and forts can only be built by the government, while the economic policy of a nation determines whether capitalists or the government can build railroads.

In addition to construction materials, each building requires an investment of cash.


Forts are defensive structures that provide a variety of benefits.

  • Resources needed to build/upgrade a fort are: small arms, artillery, cement, explosives and lumber.
  • Each level of a fort increases the time to occupy a province by roughly 75%. This means a Level 3 fort increases the occupation time by 225%
  • Forts provide a bonus to the defender's military tactics in battle, though only to the owner. The bonus for a Level 1 fort is 10%, shown in comparison to 100% tactics/level. The bonus can be observed by hovering the mouse over the flags in the combat window, along with the number of techs and tactics bonus.
  • Armies in enemy territory adjacent to an enemy fort show +2% attrition modifier for presence of nearby fort.
  • Level 1 fort increases colonial range by 100.

Naval bases

Naval bases are buildings that allow country to build a bigger navy and colonize land.

  • Resources needed to build a naval base are: timber, steel, cement, machine parts and lumber.
  • Increases naval supply throughput, which limits the size of navy
  • Increases colonial range +50 per level
  • Makes local ship build time 10% shorter per level
  • Higher levels are needed to build more advanced ships (note that capital ships also can't be built overseas):
    • Level 1 required for Man'o'War, Commerce Raider and Steamer Transport
    • Level 3 required for Ironclad and Monitor
    • Level 4 required for Battleship and Cruiser
    • Level 5 required for Dreadnought


Railroads increase the economic and military potential of province.

  • Resources needed to build a railroad are: timber, steel and cement.
  • Increases supply limit by 0.64 per level
  • Increases factory throughput by 16% per level
  • Increases RGO output by 16% per level
  • Decreases troop movement cost by 5% per level
  • Makes fancy connections with other provinces with railroads on the map